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Reading Romans with Luther

To add to our Bible study and sermon series on Reading Romans with Luther, members of the congregation will be writing devotions that will come to your phone this summer.  Wherever you find yourself in the morning, read Romans with your Zion family!  Our class code is “@ziondevos”.  You can sign up via text or email.  Here’s how:

Text: Send “@ziondevos” in a text message to the phone number 81010.*

 Email: Send a blank email to ziondevos@mail.remind.com. (Or you can go to remind.com/join and enter the class code and your email address.)

You may also view the devotions by clicking HERE:

Printed: If you know someone without access to electronic media who would like to receive printed copies, please call or email the church office.

 *Other important notes: (1) You may receive a couple of messages about contacting administrators after you sign up.  Don’t worry about these too much.  Contact the office if you have questions.  (2) When asked if you are a parent or a student, if you haven’t graduated high school yet, you’re a student.