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Roman Road Devotions

Listed below are the devotions.  Click the Date to see the devotion

Saturday August 26th, (Romans 16: 17-27; Pastor Kale)

Friday, August 25th, (Romans 16: 17-24; Donna Oehler)

Thursday, August 24th, (Romans 15: 8-33; Barb Dorris)

Wednesday, August 23rd, (Romans 15: 8-33; Marilyn Whipkey)

Tuesday, August 22nd, (Romans 15:1-7; Stephanie Bollinger)

Monday, August 21st, (Romans 15:1-7; Lori McMillian)

Saturday, August 19th, (Romans 14:13-23; Tracy Wiggenhorn)

Friday, August 18th, (Romans 14:13-23; Carla Dubbelde)

Thursday, August 17th, (Romans 14:1-12; Ron Green)

Wednesday, August 16th, (Romans 14:1-12; Jim Kabitzke)

Tuesday, August 15th, (Romans 13: 8-14; Lori Snyder)

Monday, August 14th, (Romans 13:8-14; Lisa Dixon)

Saturday, August 12th, (Romans 13:1-7; Lyndel Helmkamp)

Friday, August 11th, (Romans 13:1-7; Cheryl Wilschetz)

Thursday, August 10th, (Romans 12:9-21; Bruce Knosher)

Wednesday, August 9th, (Romans 12:9-21; Pastor Kale)

Tuesday, August 8th, (Romans 12:3-8; Debbie Combs)

Monday August 7th, (Romans 12: 3-8, Melanie Harms)

Saturday, August 6th, (Romans 12:1-2; Dawn Knosher)

Friday, August 4th, (Romans 12:1-2; Scott Epping),

Thursday, August 3rd, (Romans 11:25-36; )

Wednesday, August 2nd, (Romans 11: 25-36; Pastor Mark)

Tuesday, August 1st, (Romans 11:11-24; Pastor Kale)

Monday, July 31st, (Romans 11:11-24; Bruce Dorris)

Saturday, July 29th, (Romans 11:1-10; Pastor Mark)

Friday, July 28th, (Romans 11:1-10, Pastor Kale)

Thursday, July 27th, (Romans 10: 5-21, Janell Hale)

Wednesday, July 26th, (Romans 10:5-21; Bob Ringering)

Tuesday, July 25th,

Monday, July 24th (Romans 9:1-10; Pastor Kale)

Saturday, July 22nd,

Friday, July 21st, (Romans 8:21-29; Ken Cruz)

Thursday, July 20th, (Romans 8:18-30; Pastor Kale)

Wednesday, July 19th,

Tuesday, July 18th, (Romans 8:12-17; Carla & Dennis Dubbelde

Monday, July 17th, (Romans 8: 12-17; Doug Roberson)

Saturday, July 15th, (Romans 8:1-11, Donna Oehler)

Friday, July 14th,

Thursday, July 13th,

Wednesday, July 12th,

Tuesday, July 11th, (Romans 7:1-6; Pastor Kale)

Monday, July 10th, (Romans 7:1-6; Tracy Wiggenhorn)

Saturday, July 8th, (Romans 6:12-23; Carla Dubbelde)

Friday, July 7th, (Romans 6:15-23; Ron Green)

Thursday, July 6th, (Romans 6:1-14; Jim Kabitzke)

Wednesday, July 5th, (Romans 6:1-14; Lori Snyder)

Tuesday, July 4th, (Romans 5:12-21; Lisa Dixon)

Monday, July 3rd, (Romans 5:12-21; Ken Cruz)

Saturday, July 1st, (Romans 5:1-11; Cheryl Wilschetz)

Friday, June 30th, (Romans 5:1-11; Bruce Knosher)

Thursday, June 29th, (Romans 4:13-25; Tom Lane)

Wednesday, June 28th, (Romans 4:13-25; Debbie Combes)

Tuesday, June 27th, (Romans 4:1-12; Melanie Harms)

Monday, June 26th, (Romans 4:1-12; Dawn Knosher)

Saturday, June 24th, (Romans 3:21-31; Scott Epping)

Friday, June 23rd, (Romans 3:21-31; Janell Hale)

Thursday June 22nd, (Romans 3:9-20; Bob Ringering)

Wednesday, June 21st, (Romans 3:9-20; Craig Harms)

Tuesday, June 20th, (Romans 3:1-8; Sandra Balsters)

Monday, June 19th, (Romans 3:1-8; Bruce Dorris)

Saturday, June 17th, (Romans 2:12-29; DCE Kristen)

Friday, June 16th,  (Romans 2.12-29; Pastor Kale)

Thursday, June 15th, (Romans 2: 1-11; Pastor Mark)

Wednesday, June 14th, (Romans 2: 1-11; Pastor Kale)

Tuesday, June 13th, (Romans 1:18-32; DCE Kristen)

Monday, June 12th, (Romans 1:18-32; Pastor Mark)

Saturday, June 10th, (Romans 1:16-17; Pastor Kale)

Friday June 9th, (Romans 1: 16-17; Pastor Kale)

Thursday June 8th, (Romans 1:8-15; Pastor Mark)

Wednesday June 7th, (Romans 1:8-15; Pastor Kale)

Tuesday June 6th, (Romans 1:1-7, 16:1-16, 25-27; DCE Kristen)

Monday June 5th, (Romans 1:1-7, 16:1-16, 25-27; Pastor Kale)